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  Steps To setup: 

1. Create user profile service from central administration screen.

2. Synchronize your user profiles with active directory.

3. Download one of the following WSP - 

Click to download Source code or WSP for SharePoint 2010 from here

Click to download Source code or WSP for SharePoint 2013 from here

Click to download Source code or WSP for SharePoint 2007 from here

4. Install WSP and add webpart to any page.

5. It displays the list of all the employees.


Now users can maintain their own user directory information … How? Have a Look …  

Most of the companies use Active Directory Services to manage their employees. SharePoint has introduced - the User Profile Database which imports Active Directory profile information to SharePoint.

The Employee Directory Web Part allows users to view the Employees List in SharePoint.

The Employee Directory webpart displays a complete list of all Active Directory profiles imported by the User Profiles into SharePoint 2013.

The Employee Directory Web Part has the following features:

o   View SharePoint and/or Active Directory users in a list view structure.

o   Search for employees by columns such as Name, Title, Department.

o   Option to display ‘My Profile’ on the ‘Name’ column.

o   Set the page size from the webpart property setting.

o   Allows the user to sort the list by Name, Department, Title, Cell Phone, Work Phone, Email.

o   Allows the user to filter the list by Department, Title.

o   Shows profile picture if available otherwise shows the default picture available in the library.

o   Uses CSS for SPGrid style.

o   Code can be modified as per need.



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